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Social Cognition

Social Cognition include tests for abilities such as facial recognition, name-face association, prosody, and theory of mind that are important aspects of social functioning.

Age range:
Individuals 16:0 – 90:11
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
35-45 minutes
Paper and pencil
Scaled, Contrast, Cumulative Percentages
Scoring options:
Manual Scoring

Pricing & Ordering

  • ACS Social Cognition Complete Kit


    Includes stimulus book, Administration/Technical Manual, Record Forms (pkg of 25), Grid, Face Cards, Flash Drive (Audio Files), Emotion Card

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $261.70

    Qualification Level C


    In stock

  • Social Cognition Record Form


    Pkg of 25

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $54.60

    Qualification Level C


    In stock

Product Details

Impaired social cognition is presented in many developmental and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, ASD, TBI, Dementias, and Schizophrenia. Is it important to determine how an examinee processes social information and how that affects his or her daily interactions with others.


  • Provides an estimate of premorbid intellectual functioning.
  • Now offers software to make scoring easier and more flexible.
  • Enhanced by the addition of harder words and an extended IQ range of predictability.


Social Cognition is now available as a free standing component of the Advanced Clinical Solutions for WAIS-IV and WMS-IV.

  • Social Perception: a general screening tool that measures deficits in social perception in a number of disorders.
  • Faces Subtest: useful when evaluating individuals with potential deficits related to social cognition.
  • Names Subtest: measures the ability to learn the first and last names of 10 individual children allowing the type of association memory deficit to be identified.
  • Error Scores
  • Effort Scores

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