Get Ready to Read! Revised

  • Grover J. Whitehurst, PhD
  • Christopher Lonigan, PhD

Assess early literacy skills more easily and effectively with children as young as three with Get Ready to Read! Revised.

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  • GRTR! Complete Kit (Print)
    157212864X Qualification Level A

    Includes English GRTR Early Literacy Manual (Print), English and Spanish GRTR Stimulus Easel (Print), 25 English Child Record Forms (Print), English Score Summary Sheet (Print)


  • GRTR! Complete Kit Spanish (Print)
    1572124658 Qualification Level A

    Includes Spanish GRTR Early Literacy Manual (Print), English and Spanish GRTR Stimulus Easel (Print), 25 Spanish Child Record Forms (Print), Spanish Score Summary Sheet (Print)


  • GRTR! Early Literacy Manual (Print)
    1572128577 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Early Literacy Manual Spanish (Print)
    1572128585 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Child Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    1572128593 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Child Record Forms Spanish Qty 25 (Print)
    1572128607 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Stimulus Easel (Print)
    1572128615 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Score Summary Form Qty 1 (Print)
    1572128623 Qualification Level A


  • GRTR! Score Summary Form Spanish Qty 1 (Print)
    1572128631 Qualification Level A



Age range:
Qualification level:
10-15 Minutes
Scoring options:
Manual Scoring
Other languages:

Product Details

Specifically developed for preschoolers, Get Ready to Read!, Revised offers a brief, economical screening tool to help evaluate a child’s readiness for learning how to read and write.


  • Build early literacy skills.
  • Determine a child’s reading and writing readiness.
  • Identify students who may need more in-depth assessment.
  • Backed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities.


This 25 question assessment incorporates visual and auditory items that allow children to demonstrate their skills in: print knowledge, book knowledge, phonological awareness, and phonics.

  • Norm-referenced, standardized scores that give added reliability to this research-based tool.
  • Expanded age range of 3–5 years old.
  • Stimulus pictures for both English- and Spanish-speaking children. 
  • Five new items to help identify high-achieving children.
  • Materials include: screening tool, score sheet, skill-building activities and resources, information on how children learn to read, and individual screening booklets.
  • Validated across children from low- and middle income backgrounds.