Dyslexia Early Screening Test | Second Edition

To help educators and clinicians with early identification of young children who may be at risk for dyslexia, the DEST-2 assesses fundamental preliteracy skills that include prereading knowledge, memory, speed of processing, vocabulary knowledge, rhyming and phonological discrimination, and motor skill and postural stability (including copying and bead threading) for ages 4:6 through 6:5.
Coming soon! The DST-2 will be published in late 2024, combining the DEST-2, DST-J, DST-S, and DAST.

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Publication date:
Age range:
4:6 through 6:5 years
Qualification level:
Completion time:
30 minutes
Based on UK population

Product Details

The DEST-2 assists in developing appropriate treatment plans for clients.


  • Includes an “At Risk” score.
  • Offers a computerized scoring program.
  • Contains U.K. normative information.


The DEST-2 consists of 12 subtests:

  • Rapid naming
  • Bead threading
  • Phonological discrimination
  • Postural stability
  • Rhyme/Alliteration
  • Forward digit span
  • Digit naming
  • Letter naming
  • Sound order
  • Shape copying
  • Corsi frog
  • Vocabulary