An abbreviated version of the full DIAL-4 test, Speed DIAL-4 is a global screener for assessing large groups of children quickly and efficiently.

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  • Speed DIAL-4 Kit
    14771 Qualification Level B

    Includes Manual, Record Forms (English) (50), Record Form (Spanish) (1), Operator's Handbook (English and Spanish),and manipulatives.

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    In stock $353.00

  • Speed DIAL-4 Record Forms
    14763 Qualification Level B

    Pkg of 50

    In stock $57.90

  • Speed DIAL-4 Online Single Usage
    14789 Qualification Level B

    Speed DIAL-4 Online Single Usage

    In stock $0.60

  • DIAL-4 Scoring 1-Year Subscription
    QG1DL4 Qualification Level B

    In stock $45.00

  • DIAL-4 Scoring 3-Year Subscription
    QG3DL4 Qualification Level B

    In stock $125.00

  • DIAL-4 Scoring 5-Year Subscription
    QG5DL4 Qualification Level B

    In stock $190.00

  • Speed DIAL-4 Online Usages and Paper Forms, English
    14786 Qualification Level B

    50 Q-global Usages, 50 Paper Record Forms

    In stock $76.40

  • Speed DIAL-4 Online Usages and Paper Forms, Spanish
    14794 Qualification Level B

    50 Q-global Usages, 50 Paper Record Forms

    In stock $76.40


Age range:
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
20 Minutes
Speed DIAL-4 provides standard deviation and percentile cutoff points by chronological age at two-month intervals for total and area scores--Motor, Concepts, and Language. Percentile ranks and standard scores are also provided.
Scoring options:
In addition to regular manual scoring, online scoring and reporting for the Speed DIAL-4 is available through Q-global™.
Other languages:

Product Details

Speed DIAL-4 is used by preschool and kindergarten teachers, early childhood specialists, child development center personnel, Head Start programs, and program administrators to assess large groups of children quickly.


  • Administer by a single person.
  • Address Motor, Language and Concepts domains.
  • Complete in about 20 minutes and get instant results for 10 core items.


Speed DIAL-4 presents stimuli one at a time using a dial, manipulatives and other materials, all of which are included.

  • New norms to support updated edition.
  • Lowered floor from 3:0 to 2:6.
  • New items to measure skills important for predicting academic success.
  • Reformatted handbooks and record form for easier administration and scoring.
  • Simplified administration instructions and scoring rules to reduce errors.
  • Teacher questionnaire to allow for information from multiple sources.
  • Parent/caregiver questionnaire for assessing self-help skills and social-emotional behaviors.

Speed DIAL-4 Kit Components

  • Record Forms: English (50)
  • Record Form: Spanish (1)
  • Operator's Handbook
  • DIAL-4 Examiners Manual
  • Articulation DIA: English
  • Articulations DIAL: Spanish
  • Objects and Actions DIAL
  • Copying DIAL
  • I Spy Picture
  • Alphabet Soup Card
  • Rapid Object Naming Card
  • 12 Colored Blocks
  • Timer
  • Blue carry bag

Sample Reports

DIAL-4 is aligned with NEGP, NAEYC and Head Start Domains and Standards.



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