PERSPECTIVE™ provides thousands of enrichment learning resources to help teachers and students improve their performance.

Product Details

PERSPECTIVE allows families and teachers to personalize learning for their students based on their individual state tests scores. They can create assignments, build tests, and learn how to improve student scores.

Features and Benefits

PERSPECTIVE's components and features can be configured specifically or selected á la carte to meet your state requirements and enhance your large-scale assessment program

  • Learning Resources: Access thousands of media-rich learning activities tied to your state standards. Browse by grade, subject, and keyword and then build assignments with interactive activities, and printable worksheets.
  • Test Builder: Build printable, formative tests with thousands of test items organized by grade, subject, and keyword.
  • Learning Locator: Personalize learning for your students and prioritizes enrichment and remediation activities and lessons based on your students' summative assessment scores.
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