Writing brings words to life.

What is WriteToLearn™?

What are the six traits of writing?

For an essay, how is the overall score derived?

What are the benefits of using WriteToLearn?

Which grade levels can use WriteToLearn?

How can WriteToLearn be incorporated into the curriculum for all students?

What research has been conducted on WriteToLearn?

How does WriteToLearn align to the Common Core Standards?

How does WriteToLearn support English language learners?

What is Intelligent Essay Scorer (IEA) and how does it relate to WriteToLearn?

How does WriteToLearn work?

What is the KAT™ engine?

Does WriteToLearn use keywords in its evaluation?

Are students required to type their responses directly into WriteToLearn?

How long does it take to score a response?

What type of feedback do students receive on their summaries?

What is the Reading Comprehension Component of WriteToLearn?

How many reading passages are available? What topics or subject areas are covered?

How does the Essay Component of WriteToLearn recognize a good essay?

How does the Essay Component scoring compare to the way teachers grade writing?

How does the Essay Component score essays with highly unusual writing styles?

What type of feedback do students receive on their essays?

What is the value of vocabulary as a literacy tool in WriteToLearn?

Where do we find the vocabulary exercises?

What are the system requirements for using WriteToLearn?

How do I contact Technical Support?