Marsha Dunn Klein

She received many awards, including The National Academy of Neuropsychology Distinguished Clinical Neuropsychologist Award in 1993, The Edith Kaplan Neuroscience Scholarship Fund in 1994, and The New England Psychological Association first annual Distinguished Contributions Award in 1996. She also won The Massachusetts Psychological Association Career Contribution Award in 1998 and The Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society Career Contribution Award in 1999.

Marsha has a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy from Sargent College of Allied Health Professions at Boston University and a master of education in special education from the University of Arizona. She is Neurodevelopmental Trained (NDT).

Marsha has 39 years experience assessing, treating, and working in partnership with families of children who have cerebral palsy and other neurological issues, prematurity, sensory processing disorders, visual impairments, genetic and metabolic disorders, as well as autism. She works with many families whose children are fed by supplemental tube feeding. Marsha helps with the oral motor sensory, tube feeding aspect of feeding. Support is given through individual evaluation and treatment, education, parent and professional consultation, education workshops and resources.  Copyright Mealtime Notions.