Judith C. Bierman

Judith Bierman graduated from the University Of North Carolina with a BS in PT in 1973. She successfully completed her DPT at Franklin Peirce University in September, 2008. Her entire clinical experience has been working with children with neurological impairments and includes work in a NICU, home based infant program, school system, OP hospital department in Switzerland, large tertiary care hospital and a private outpatient clinic serving children and their families from birth to adult ages. Her work experience has been continuous and has allowed her to follow a large group of children across more than 20 years of their lives. She teaches a wide variety of continuing education courses focusing on increasing clinical skills of therapists including basic and advanced NDT courses as well as courses on integrating different approaches to treatment such as manual therapy, myofascial treatment, strengthening and physical fitness. She was a major contributor to “Neuro-Developmental Treatment Approach: Theoretical Foundations and Principals of Clinical Practice” and has also authored chapters on gait and assistive technology in “Therapeutic Exercise in Developmental Disabilities”: Third edition. In addition, she as written multiple short articles aimed at bridging the theoretical information within clinical applications. She is a member of APTA, AACP&DM and NDTA.