It’s time for parent-teacher conferences!

Laptop displaying DRA3 Online report for Oral Reading Summary

Streamline your preparations with DRA3’s online reports.

For some students, nothing conjures up greater anxiety than these three words: parent-teacher conferences. What will my teacher(s) have to say? Have I done everything I can to get a good report? Am I doing well?? Concurrently, parents have similar concerns. What will their teacher(s) have to say? Have I done everything I can to help my child succeed in school? Are they doing well? Taking time out to make sure that you have all of the information related to each student’s progress can be an overwhelming task at a time of year when their attention span is already waning with the upcoming holidays. Math grades, outcome tests, science grades, reading skills progress, social studies… the list of reports and papers is seemingly endless.

DRA3 can take care of one big item on that list — reading skills progress. Our powerful online platform gives you unlimited access to:

  • Class Roster Report
  • Student Action Plan
  • Student Assessment History
  • Assessment Instance Results
  • Parent Report
  • Student Performance Over Time
  • Class Skills Summary
  • School/District Benchmark Scoring Report
  • School/District Data Across Seasons (and Across Years)

What’s on the calendar for November?

One of the most important tasks in any school year is discovering each student’s literacy strengths and weaknesses. Identifying where they might need a little help, and how you can utilize their strengths to augment that support will help them make the most of their educational time. We have put together a reading assessment calendar to help you stay on track throughout the year, and to provide you with helpful tools to enhance your reading curriculum. October’s activities are crucial to your students’ reading success, and will set you on the path to discovering — and fostering — the lifelong reader in each of them!

Download the calendar