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In a world of instant gratification, language assessments can now live up to our expectations. Our automated scoring solutions accelerate learning for corporations, government agencies, and learning institutions around the world.


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See how our automated language assessments can transform your testing experience.


Assessing Speaking & Listening Skills

The Versant™ English Test is a recognized leader in the call center and BPO industry. What types of speaking questions are on the Versant test? Watch Dr. Alistair Van Moere provide the answer.

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Building Reading & Writing Skills

Most US students do not write at grade level, and the majority of our high school graduates will need remediation in college to meet writing requirements. How can teachers use automated language assessments to help reverse this trend? Watch the WriteToLearn Formative Assessment Webinar.


College & Career Ready

WriteToLearn—our web-based literacy tool—aligns with the Common Core State Standards by placing strong emphasis on the comprehension and analysis of information texts while building reading and writing skills across genres. Learn more.