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Transform Your ELL Program with Current Student Data

In many states, ELLs take an assessment at the start of the year.

But that assessment data won’t be much help in March when you need to know how many of those students are on-track to meet year-end requirements, or what to do to move stalled students ahead.

Without current student data, it’s all but impossible to assess each student’s progress, know how to adjust instruction so it’s most effective — or determine if a student has the proficiency to transition successfully out of the ELL program.

Pearson is transforming ELL programs across the country by giving educators the current, relevant data they need to be effective in moving their students steadily towards English language proficiency.

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Aprenda 3 (Aprenda®: La prueba de logros en español, Tercera edición)

Aprenda 3 helps you measure the academic achievement of K–12 Spanish-speaking students in their native language. Modeled after Stanford 10 and developed with Latino educators, Aprenda 3 offers you the highest quality, most culturally inclusive Spanish-language test of academic standards.

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Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura® 2

Joetta Beaver and Mark Carter, PhD

Research based and widely field tested, the Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura®, Segunda Edición K-6 (EDL2), helps students become independent successful readers by giving educators the right mix of tools needed to assess accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

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Test of English Language Learning (TELL)

Test of English Language Learning (TELL), is a touch-screen delivered language proficiency assessment that can be used to screen, diagnose, and progress monitor English language learners in grades K-12. TELL automatically scores student responses, providing quick turnaround on results to help drive instruction in a timely and accurate way.