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Measure What Your Students Have Learned

As classrooms become more diverse and standards change, the need to accurately measure the learning achievements of each student learner grows more important.

Pearson’s solutions provide you with the reliable data you need to objectively evaluate students’ achievement, understand how students are progressing towards national and state standards, and assess abilities that relate directly to students’ overall academic success.

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Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition®

Stanford 10 2018 norms update, available for the 2018-19 school year.

The Standard Of Excellence in achievement testing for 80 years, the Stanford Achievement Test Series now offers a state-of-the-art Tenth Edition to measure student progress toward high academic standards. The Stanford 10 multiple-choice assessment will help educators find out what students know and are able to do. Administrators will obtain reliable data to evaluate progress toward meeting content standards and high expectations. Teachers will identify and help ch

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Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition® - Online
(SAT10 Online)

The innovative online delivery of Stanford Achievement Test, the standard of excellence in achievement testing for over 80 years, is now available with the ease and automation of online testing and timeliness of immediate scoring and reporting.