Angela Fawcett

Angela is a leading international researcher into dyslexia and other developmental disabilities, with a range of theoretical and applied contributions. Her approach is broad and interdisciplinary ranging from child and cognitive development to educational screening and intervention, and developmental cognitive neuroscience.

As director, Angela’s aim is to raise the research profile of the centre, to promote research into children and young adults within Wales and internationally, to secure both large and smaller scale funding, to deliver consultancy in areas of expertise, to set up national and international research networks, and to present research findings at conferences across the world. 

Following development of a series of screening tests for dyslexia, Angela has recently completed a funded early screening and intervention project with Papadopolous at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, and Rod Nicolson at the University of Sheffield comparing the DEST and DST with other screening tests in identifying children ‘at risk’ of learning difficulties. She recently completed a major EU project on 2nd language learning, with further funding in this period from Qinetiq, DfES, Cancer Research, and the Psychological Corporation . Recent research with the University of Sheffield identified the importance of ‘inner speech’ in the development of literacy skills in young children.