Speech and language: resources, solutions, and training

The speech and language tools you need to help them communicate effectively

Presenter(s): Patricia Ybarra, Nancy Castilleja

Clinical Evaluation Language Fundamentals Preschool-3 is a language assessment used by Speech Language Pathologists to determine if children ages 3-6 have acquired the language skills they need to master the language demands of the classroom. This session provides SLPs and other professionals who conduct in-depth language assessments with an overview of test updates, subtest administration and scoring, and standardization, reliability, and validity studies.

Presenter(s): Patricia Ybarra and Nancy Castilleja

At this session, presenters will provide information that will enable participants to describe the differences between CELF Preschool-3 and PLS-5 and explain how clinicians can select the test that provides useful information about a child’s language skills. Using case studies, the presenter will describe differences in the type of data provided on each test and explain how differences in the format and content of the tests can contribute to score differences.