6 Ways To Bolster Digital Assessments with Professional Development

Three happy diverse colleagues working on project together, using laptop

The steady integration of technology in the classroom has ushered in a proliferation of digital assessments, which offer immense promise to reduce educator workloads and give them better insight into their students’ unique learning needs. Yet for all the ease they provide, digital assessments shouldn’t be deployed as a plug-and-play solution, at least initially. Without proper preparation, you run the risk of yielding inaccurate results, technical difficulties and even testing irregularities.

Districts considering digital assessments should realize that the outcomes will only be as strong as the efforts they invest in professional development for the educators using them. Comprehensive training should cover big-picture issues, such as how to choose the most relevant assessment, work as a team, and appropriately analyze and apply the insights gleaned. It also should include logistical components, like standardizing administration, navigating the online testing platform, troubleshooting issues, utilizing accessibility features and upholding security protocols.