Are your behavior interventions working?

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If you’re using BASC-3 as part of your behavior screening and assessment process, the BASC-3 Flex Monitor can help you see which of your interventions are working, and which need a little fine tuning. It’s not only web-based and efficient, it allows you to create a custom assessment that can help you pinpoint the issues that may be causing the behavior so that interventions may be tailored around it.

If you’re a behavioral specialist, a school psychologist, or a clinician working with students struggling with school behavior, the BASC-3 Flex Monitor can help monitor and track the progress of their behavior intervention plan. It also helps to promote the involvement of teachers, parents, and students while addressing behavioral and emotional concerns.

If you need to track the effectiveness of your students’ behavior interventions or demonstrate the effectiveness of a school-wide behavior program, see for yourself how the BASC-3 Flex Monitor can complement your current behavior plan!

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