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Build Independent Readers with a Developmentally Appropriate Spanish Literacy Assessment That is Quick, Easy, and Accurate

Research based and widely field tested, the Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura®, Segunda Edición K-6 (EDL2+) Plus, helps students become independent successful readers by giving educators the right mix of tools needed to assess accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. EDL2+ helps educators in dual language, bilingual and immersion classrooms identify each student’s reading ability, document progress, and implement effective reading instruction. With the EDL2+ App, it is even easier to use and score!




Welcome to assessment that drives instruction! EDL2 is a Spanish Reading Assessment for dual language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms that helps Spanish-speaking students become independent successful readers with tools to assess reading engagement, fluency, and comprehension. EDL2 is the Spanish equivalent of DRA2.

Observe and Assess Student Performance

With EDL2, it’s easy to identify a student’s independent reading level and document progress over time. With this information at hand, educators can provide informed instruction and present developmentally appropriate materials.

Provide Powerful Instruction

Educators using EDL2 have an abundance of resources at their disposal, making it possible to focus on instructional requirements and tailor teaching based on the specific needs of the students in a particular classroom.

Educators also will be able to recognize reciprocity between reading and writing and provide a common literacy language across schools or districts.

Analyze Data

With easy-to-use EDL2 materials, educators can identify critical points of intervention and compare student progress with benchmark expectations. They can also allocate instructional materials and personnel resources more effectively and group students based on need.

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Introducing the EDL2+ App

Coming in Spring 2015

The future of Literacy is in your hands! With the EDL2+ App for iPad, now it is even easier to manage EDL2 results! Save time on reporting. Gain time for instruction.

The EDL2+ App for the iPad provides teachers with:

  • Access to EDL2 (Spanish) Benchmark, Word Analysis and Progress Monitoring Assessments
  • Easy-to-use technology to administer EDL2+ assessments
  • Automatic scoring and ongoing view of student progress to effectively differentiate instruction
  • Enhanced reporting for additional analysis of EDL2+ results
  • Consistent assessment administration to ensure reliable results across schools
  • Paperless teacher environment that yields instant accountability reports to gain more time for instruction

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Word Analysis (EDL™2 Análisis de palabras)

Authentic Spanish word analysis tasks

This individual diagnostic assessment includes 30 tasks designed to evaluate:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Metalanguage
  • Letter and word recognition
  • Phonics
  • Structural analysis and syllabication
Enable teachers to:
  • Quickly identify the strengths and instructional needs of each student
  • Help students (at EDL2 level 30 and below) develop effective word analysis skills and strategies needed to read and comprehend more complex texts
  • Plan effectively for instruction and monitor progress over time

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Progress Monitoring (Verificar el progresso)

Monitor Progress of Your Struggling Readers, Measure the success of your interventions with QUICK and SIMPLE progress monitoring.

DRA2 Progress Monitoring Assessment

The EDL2 Verificar el progreso provides a quick and simple means to measure reading growth between EDL2 benchmark periods. Teachers are provided a focus for continued classroom instruction to ensure reading deficits are being addressed. Perfect for use in RTI settings to determine the effectiveness of interventions.

Use the EDL2 Verificar el progreso to measure reading growth and ensure students are receiving the precise instruction needed to achieve reading success.

  • 95 brief, leveled passages and passage-specific Teacher Observation Guides
  • Passages starting at Level 4 through Level 60
  • Fiction and Nonfiction passages
  • Monitor progress on:
    • Oral Reading Rate
    • Oral Reading Accuracy
    • Comprehension Skills
  • Analyze Vocabulary and Word Reading Skills
  • Provides diagnostic and prescriptive guidance for teachers

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Olivia Ruiz

Olivia Ruiz worked in the Tucson Unified School District for over 24 years as a bilingual teacher, Title 1 Reading Teacher and Reading Recovery/DLL Teacher Leader. During that time she participated in the development of Spanish Reading Recovery and is co-author of Instrumento de Observación, a reconstruction of Marie Clay's Observation Survey.

For the past ten years, she has worked with Pearson as a National Consultant. While with Pearson, she is presently working with colleagues at the University of Colorado, Boulder on a three-year literacy project that looks at students' development of literacy in two languages.

Vivian Machado Cuesta

Vivian Machado Cuesta has worked in the Tucson Unified School District, Santa Ana Unified School District and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District for over 30 years as a bilingual classroom teacher, Math Specialist, Language Facilitator and currently as an Elementary School Principal. She has presented numerous staff development training sessions on teaching second language students, meeting rigorous state academic standards, examining student data to increase academic achievement and increasing parent involvement.

For Pearson, she has been a contributing author of teacher resource books and has also written children's books and stories for student anthologies.


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Online Scoring and Reporting
  • Scoring Software



  • EDL2+ iPad App Yearly Per-Teacher Subscription Grades K-6 (Up to 30 students)
Testing Materials
  • Testing Materials - Multiple Administration Packages



  • EDL2+ Kit grades K-6
  • EDL2+ Print Kit for the App (K-6)
  • EDL2+ Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
  • EDL2 Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
  • EDL2+ App Print Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
  • EDL2 Kit grades K-6

    Does not include the EDL2 Progress Monitoring Assessment

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