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Reliable Student Data

Pearson offers a complete portfolio of classroom assessments to meet your needs for:

  • Ability/Gifted & Talented    
  • Achievement   
  • Benchmarking/Progress Monitoring
  • Diagnostic/Placement   
  • Early Childhood
  • English Language Learners   
  • Math  
  • Reading  
  • RTI/MTSS   
  • Writing   

The unparalleled depth and breadth of Pearson's assessment offerings support you with valid and reliable data you can trust:

  • Screen and diagnose students' abilities at the beginning of the year
  • Identify students who need interventions
  • Recognize when students are ready to move to more advanced levels of instruction
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Ensure students are on-track to meet annual achievement requirements
  • Generate reliable data and reports to share with other educators, administrators, and parents

All Pearson assessments are extensively researched and tested to be valid and reliable, and to align with the standards most widely used throughout the United States.

To help educators maximize their limited time and resources, most of our classroom assessments are now delivered digitally via a common platform, and provide results within minutes.  Our platform, TestNav, makes it easy for educators to quickly incorporate student assessment data with other reports and tasks.

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Oct 24, 2017

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