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New technologies and economic pressures to remain globally competitive are driving efforts to make learning more effective, accessible, and personalized.

PearsonAccess is our next-generation web-based technology platform for end-to-end administration of large-scale assessments. PearsonAccess technology integrates multiple products and services to configure a comprehensive assessment solution.

  • Powers your entire testing program through a single sign-on online destination or by interfacing with other systems to provide a highly adaptable solution.
  • Manages both your online and paper testing activities from a single site.
  • Enables you to fully integrate the development, delivery, scoring, and reporting of interim, formative, and summative assessments.
  • Solidifies the link between teaching, testing, and learning through rapid return of test results.

PearsonAccess turns the enormous potential of web-based testing into a reality.

Responsive Web Design - The PearsonAccess interface is flexible, efficient, intuitive, and scalable across a wide range of devices.

Configurable – PearsonAccess is an agile platform, adaptable to modifications in your program's requirements.

Interoperable & Portable - By aligning with the Application Integration Framework (AIF), the PearsonAccess platform integrates seamlessly with other AIF-compliant platforms and also promotes item portability. This benefits you by not locking your program into a vendor's proprietary assessment systems.

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Pearson ensures that a wealth of research, reliability and validity studies, and psychometric excellence is built into every product and service. In addition, we offer the research and tools to help you administer, score, and interpret our tests.