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New technologies and economic pressures to remain globally competitive drive Pearson’s efforts to make learning more effective, accessible, and personalized.

PearsonAccessnext is our next-generation web-based technology platform for end-to-end administration of large-scale assessments. PearsonAccessnext technology integrates multiple products and services to configure a comprehensive assessment solution that empowers you to:

  • Drive your entire testing program through a single sign-on destination or by interfacing with other systems to provide a highly adaptable solution.

  • Manage both your online and paper testing activities from a single site.

  • Fully integrate the development, delivery, scoring, and reporting of assessments.

  • Solidify the link between teaching, testing, and learning through rapid return of test results.

  • Turn the enormous potential of web-based testing into a reality.

We have aligned PearsonAccessnext methodology and design principles to our customers’ priorities:

  • User Focused — We build PearsonAccessnext for educators, using consistent feedback from this same demographic. By engaging stakeholders regarding changes and enhancements to PearsonAccessnext, we enhance the interface usability for administrative users.

  • Configurable — PearsonAccessnext is an agile platform, adaptable to your program’s requirements, while maintaining a stable and reliable environment. We set up PearsonAccessnext for each program, and align it with the program’s policies and practices.  

  • Scalable — With cloud-based hosting infrastructure, system isolation, and elastic computing power built into PearsonAccessnext, each program has the capacity required with as little disruption and expense as possible.

  • Secure — A comprehensive information security program governs PearsonAccessnext product development and service delivery to protect sensitive assessment data, such as test items and confidential student information.


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