• A new approach to interim assessments

    Group of diverse teenagers socializing

    Are my students on track to meet end-of-year goals? How will they perform on the summative assessment? Where do we need to focus our attention during instruction? Are there students who are ready for more challenging topics? These are all questions educators ask themselves on a regular basis, and schools and districts typically turn to interim assessments to provide the answers.

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  • Pearson Assessment for Learning Suite: Accelerating learning by supporting the whole child

    by Trent Workman, Senior Vice President, Pearson School Assessment

    child with paint on their hands

    As a parent of three kiddos under 10, I know firsthand that kids are complex. To meet them where they are and support their development is a fluid process that must take into account their unique needs, goals, and personalities. In talking to teachers across the country, I hear the difficulty they face in personalizing instruction to support every learner. Not because of lack of effort and certainly not because they aren’t passionate about their roles in students' lives. It's in part due to the management of multiple technology platforms and systems-technology aimed at helping teachers, but often leading to more work. When multiple tech platforms don't talk to each other, that means teachers must track student results in different systems, reconcile them with each other and then, what they actually know about their students.

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  • Personalize Learning: Unlocking the Potential for Every Student

    by Dr. Laine Bradshaw, PhD, Vice President of Classroom Solutions, Pearson

    6 smiling children

    Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of listening to and learning from educators across the country. Over the past seven years, I've collaborated with these passionate professionals to create a classroom assessment and learning suite called Navvy, designed to address their most pressing challenges at the intersection of assessment, teaching, and learning.

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  • Equity-based tutoring with an eye on the future

    Illustration of children and an adult reading

    Jumpstart, a new Pearson-supported tutoring program, was aptly named for more than the benefits it offers its students. While students can certainly benefit from more equity-centered support, the growing pool of prospective teachers are also discovering their ability to make a difference in the lives of students.

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  • Navvy Standard-by-Standard Diagnostic Assessment System

    Illustration: child looking through telescope

    Navvy is a student-friendly and technology-savvy classroom assessment system that provides short, standard-by-standard assessments that are embedded in classroom practice. The assessments are available on-demand and used as needed to provide realtime results to inform personalized learning.  

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