• Questions to ask when evaluating interim assessments

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    Are you in the process of deciding between home-grown and commercially available interim assessments? Start by asking what “job” these assessments are hired to do.  

    • What outcome do you expect after the assessment results are reported, analyzed, and applied within the classroom?
    • What assessment results are needed to support the changes you seek?
    • What assessments design will elicit those results?

    By articulating a clear theory of action, districts will have explicit expectations for the interim assessment that allows them to evaluate which design and features best support meeting those expectations. 

    Additional questions to ask during your evaluation

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  • The Key to Personalized Learning? Personalized Assessment

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    More and more K-12 educators are personalizing instruction. In fact, 99% of those surveyed in December 2021 said they were shifting more to personalized learning.

    Assessment plays a crucial role in personalized learning. After all, you need to know what a student has learned before you can determine where they need further instruction.

    But many schools haven’t fully leveraged assessments. The most effective assessment tools don’t just measure academic knowledge and progress. They also give educators and caregivers insights into the whole child.

    Just as you can personalize instruction, you can — and should — personalize assessment.

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