Always Learning

Ensuring Teacher Quality

It’s no secret that improving the quality of teaching improves the future outcome for students. As the subject of educator performance gains new momentum, you can rely on Pearson—the most experienced provider of standards-based teacher certification testing programs in the nation—to support your assessment needs.


Raising Standards of Success

Working closely with educators, Pearson offers dynamic teacher licensing and performance assessment solutions.  Our custom teacher licensure testing programs are 100 percent aligned to state standards. We also provide a wide variety of teacher licensure testing services such as test development, administration, and scoring.

Through it all, we collaborate with state education agencies, teacher preparation programs, and educators to build fair assessments of teacher knowledge and performance.


Preparing for the 21st Century Classroom

Our state-of-the art assessments are a fitting match for the next generation of teachers. The NES® (National Evaluation Series™) is a comprehensive, dynamic testing program aligned to national subject and pedagogy standards. The edTPA™ assessment process provides a deeper look at performance and includes a review of a teacher candidate’s authentic teaching materials. 

Creating Sustainable Teacher Career Trajectories: A 21st Century Imperative