Technology-Based Assessments
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Technology and assessments

Technology plays a major role in education, allowing for more personalized learning and helping students build 21st century skills. As states and districts move to online testing, Pearson leads the industry, providing easy-to-use assessment tools:

  • TestNav, our online test delivery platform, has delivered more than 100 million online tests, with more than 1.5 million on our peak day and 424,000 in our peak hour in 2017.

  • ABBI, our content development/management system, holds over 870,000 Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) compliant items, tagged with metadata, ready to publish.

  • PearsonAccess is our centralized assessment management system for paper and online tests, as well as dynamic and published reports.

  • The ParentPortal keeps parents informed and helps them understand their student's test results.

Helping learners learn

At Pearson, our innovations in assessment technology improve usability, speed up delivery, and make it easier to merge information into data systems. With learning outcomes at the heart of every assessment we create, we are building assessments that are effective, informative, and help learners learn.

Pushing the limits of technology

Pearson is making computer-based math assessments more accessible to visually impaired students. Learn how.

Taking the next step

Over the last decade, Pearson has helped a number of states transition from paper-based to online and technology-based testing. In 2017, we delivered over 25 million test booklets and more than 37 million online tests.

Our system for learning and assessment

The system gives educators the tools to adapt to each student’s learning, so they can engage with every student on a deeper level.

Learn how it supports instruction