Summative Assessments
Always Learning

Summative Assessments

In our time, we've seen lots of changes in summative assessments, from how they're delivered, to how they're scored, and what knowledge and skills they're meant to test.

Innovations to Scale

As an industry leader in developing high-stakes, large-scale assessments, we have been at the forefront of helping states and organizations transition to the next generation of assessments:

  • moving from paper to online testing

  • adopting automated scoring of written responses

  • utilizing innovative items to assess higher-order thinking skills essential to college and career readiness

Making Sense of the Numbers

We also provide the solutions you need to manage custom large-scale assessment programs and make sense of the data. From comprehensive web-based assessment and information systems such as PearsonAccess to resources that provide individualized roadmaps for student improvement like Perspective, we help educators solidify the teach and learn cycle: teach, assess, report, diagnose, prescribe.