• Your students can benefit from Smarthinking’s audio and video-enabled sessions

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    Face‑to‑face interaction is the best way for some students to engage with tutors and master their work. Smarthinking provides audio and video‑enabled sessions to assist learners who prefer the virtual tutoring experience to mirror on‑ground tutoring as closely as possible.

    Any student can book an audio/video session in the pre-scheduled session area of Smarthinking. ESL students and those who require accessibility accommodations will also benefit from these audio and video session capabilities.

    Like any Smarthinking tutoring session, our audio and video sessions are also fully archived for review. Students can practice classroom problems, tackle homework, or talk through a math problem face‑to‑face with tutors.  

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  • Personalize learning with standard-by-standard classroom assessment system

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    A new way to assess learning

    Accurate standards-level feedback is a must-have for instructional relevance, but you know how zooming in too far on a picture can make it all fuzzy? Same goes for typical tests school districts use. They are designed to give feedback at the grade- or domain-level feedback, so when they try to give more specific feedback on standards, the standards-level information gets all fuzzy. Navvy found a way to clear it up! Navvy is designed to provide clear standards-level feedback with validity and reliability using a novel design and cutting-edge data science.

    Key features support learning

    Navvy informs teaching and guides learning by accurately and specifically identifying what students have learned and where they need more support.  

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