Always Learning

Research-based operational excellence

We are continually advancing measurement practices in education, professional licensing, academics and admissions tests, and beyond. Pearson research scientists have earned national recognition for their work in computer-based and computer-adaptive testing, assessment design and implementation, scaling and equating, standard setting, automated scoring, legal defensibility, test security, and preferred measurement practices.

As new assessment technologies emerge, Pearson psychometricians and research scientists work closely with credential owners to use technology-related capabilities for programs from online practice tests to large-scale, high-stakes proctored exams. Our work ensures we’re producing reliable, effective assessments that provide useful feedback and guide educational and employment decisions.

Innovative design, solution, and implementation

Assessments are becoming more interactive, with a growing number of technology enhanced tasks and performance tasks that allow test takers to apply their knowledge beyond a multiple-choice answer. Our world-class tools, content, products, and services are backed by research and designed to help expand the skills we measure.

Actionable data and reporting

We help gather the right data to use as reliable, valid measures. For educational research this helps inform the resolution of pressing education issues, such as educator effectiveness, student performance and growth, and college and career readiness. In other areas of measurement (professional, admissions, selection, etc.), validity evidence may relate to competency-based arguments and expected performance.

Enhance assessment literacy

Our dependable psychometricians, research scientists, and data analysts are dedicated to providing valid and reliable assessments as well as promoting assessment literacy through working with various stakeholder groups and publications.

Research and advancement in measurement

Through our research initiatives and operational experiences, we’re continuously advancing the field of measurement, its body of knowledge, and tools and practices. Our staff continue to support and advance sound practices for reliable and valid measures.