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Since its inception in 1998, the Schoolnet platform has helped educators innovate the way school districts gather and use data to support student success and improve teaching and learning. Our award winning, web-based solution combines assessment, reporting, and instructional management tools to promote academic achievement—all in a single, user-friendly platform. Our solution includes the following dynamic and fully integrated functionality:

  • Next-generation assessments to deepen thinking and learning: Our test administration system supports the creation, management, administration, monitoring, and data collection of large-scale, quality, higher-order thinking, standards-aligned, district-administered or classroom assessments to meet a variety of benchmarking and formative assessment goals.
  • Real-time reporting to strengthen response to intervention: Our reporting tools consolidate assessment results with data pulled from your SIS, including demographics, attendance, course marks, discipline, longitudinal assessment data, and much more.
  • Powerful curriculum and instruction tools: Our assessment and reporting tools are complemented by a fully-integrated materials bank for storing, searching, and editing lesson plans and curricular materials—including an elegant and powerful online lesson plan submission and review process. In addition, Schoolnet can even support district-wide curriculum management with tools for creating and scheduling curriculum and district-wide pacing guides.






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Schoolnet, Pearson's award-winning instructional improvement system supports data-informed instruction for more than six million students nationwide. See how Schoolnet is transforming education throughout New Jersey through its edConnect NJ platform.