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Flexible assessments that drive personalized learning

For 20 years, the Schoolnet platform has helped educators use data to support student success and improve teaching — combining assessment, reporting, and instructional management tools in a single, user-friendly, award-winning platform.

Leading the industry in assessments

Schoolnet serves millions of students through large-scale, district-administered, and classroom assessments to meet benchmarking and formative assessment goals. Our test administration system helps educators create, manage, administer, monitor, and collect data from standards-aligned assessments using rigorous and complex item types.

Reports provide insights that empower teachers’ decisions

Schoolnet creates real-time reports targeted to the questions a teacher asks every day. With the click of a button, areas of strength or weakness, mastery, and progress are displayed.  

Powerful curriculum and instruction tools

Schoolnet’s enhanced capabilities help educators quickly manage and find high-quality resources to support classroom instruction, with a five-star rating system to provide feedback on effective resources and a material approval workflow to capture teacher comments.

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Schoolnet, Pearson's award-winning instructional improvement system supports data-informed instruction for more than six million students nationwide. See how Schoolnet is transforming education throughout New Jersey through its edConnect NJ platform.