The Wide Range Achievement Test | Expanded Edition

  • Gary J. Robertson, PhD
Student performance scores for the core academic skills assessed by the WRAT-3 are enhanced with measures that include reading passage comprehension, and an emphasis on mathematics reasoning rather than computation, as well as the flexibility to give measures like Spelling in groups as well as individually, make the WRAT-Expanded a comprehensive, norm-referenced tool to help students from age 5 through 24.
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Qualification level:
Completion time:
Reading Comprehension: 40 minutes; Mathematics: 40 minutes; Nonverbal Reasoning: 30 minutes (Individual administration is only Reading Comprehension and Mathematics)
Paper and Pencil
Scoring options:
Hand scoring

Product Details

WRAT-Expanded serves as an excellent initial academic achievement evaluation, re-evaluation, or progress measure for students and adults, ages 5 to 24.


  • Assess literal and inferential reading skills.
  • Measure conceptual understanding and nonverbal reasoning.
  • Analyze mathematics and problem solving skills.


WRAT-Expanded tests reading and mathematics using:

  • Five different assessment levels.
  • Both group and individual assessment.
  • Age-based standard scores, percentile ranks, stanines and grade equivalents.

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