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Evaluación del Desarrollo de la Lectura 2

  • Olivia A. Ruiz
  • Vivian M. Cuesta

Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura® 2 (EDL™2+) is a Spanish reading assessment for dual language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms. EDL2+ is the Spanish equivalent of DRA2+.

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  • EDL2 Kit grades K-6
    9780765276308 Qualification Level B

    Does not include the EDL2 Progress Monitoring Assessment

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  • EDL2+ Kit grades K-6
    9781428432529 Qualification Level B

    Includes Progress Monitoring

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    2620 Qualification Level B


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    14026 Qualification Level B


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  • EDL2+ Print Kit for the App (K-6)
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  • EDL2+ Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
    9781402620003 Qualification Level B

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  • EDL2 Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
    9781402620034 Qualification Level B

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  • EDL2+ App Print Kit & iPad App Bundle GR K-6 (up to 30 students)
    9781402620065 Qualification Level B

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  • EDL2+ iPad App Yearly Per-Teacher Subscription Grades K-6 (Up to 30 students)
    9781402619960 Qualification Level B

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  • EDL2 K-6 Benchmark Book Digital 1-Year Subscription
    A103000232508 Qualification Level A

    K-6 teacher license for 2020/2021 academic year to access digital benchmark books. Prior kit purchase required for administration and scoring.

    In stock $14.95



Download the EDL2+ app from the App Store.


Product Details

Research based and widely field tested, EDL2+ helps students become successful readers by giving educators the right mix of tools needed to assess accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.


  • Identify a student’s independent reading level and document progress over time.
  • Provide powerful instruction and tailor teaching based on the specific needs of the students in a particular classroom.
  • Recognize reciprocity between reading and writing, and provide a common literacy language across schools or districts.
  • Identify critical points of intervention and compare student progress with benchmark expectations.
  • Allocate instructional materials and personnel resources more effectively and group students based on need.


The EDL2+ App

The EDL2+ App for the iPad provides teachers with:

  • Access to EDL2 (Spanish) Benchmark, and Progress Monitoring Assessments
  • Easy-to-use technology to administer EDL2+ assessments
  • Automatic scoring and ongoing view of student progress to effectively differentiate instruction
  • Enhanced reporting for additional analysis of EDL2+ results

Word Analysis (EDL™2 Análisis de palabras)

This individual diagnostic assessment includes 30 tasks designed to evaluate:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Metalanguage
  • Letter and word recognition
  • Structural analysis and syllabication

This enables teachers to:

  • Quickly identify the strengths and instructional needs of each student
  • Help students (at EDL2 level 30 and below) develop effective word analysis skills and strategies needed to read and comprehend more complex texts
  • Plan effectively for instruction and monitor progress over time

Progress Monitoring (Verificar el progresso)

Use the EDL2 Verificar el progreso to measure reading growth and ensure students are receiving the precise instruction needed to achieve reading success. The EDL2 provides:

  • 95 brief, leveled passages and passage-specific Teacher Observation Guides
  • Passages starting at Level 4 through Level 60
  • Fiction and Nonfiction passages


The following resources are available fro EDL2+.

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