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Previous Conferences

The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson sponsors an annual conference for public school educators, college and university faculty members, education agency staff, and other professionals in education to share a wide breadth of viewpoints on topical issues facing the educational community.  


Conference presentation videos are available, beginning with the 2013 Conference on Teaching.

Teachers Engaging Learners 2015

The Evaluation Systems 2015 Conference on Teaching brought together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the Conference theme Teachers Engaging Learners. Conference topics addressed how teachers are engaging their colleagues and students in meaningful learning while furthering their own professional development. Over the course of the Conference, educators identified strategies for engaging all learners, including building collaborative partnerships.


Supporting Great Teaching 2014

The 2014 Conference on Teaching, titled, Supporting Great Teaching, explored how stakeholders—including teacher preparation programs, state policy makers, practitioners and education professionals—are cultivating and supporting great teachers. Presenters examined how and why individuals are attracted to and stay in the teaching profession, the skills viewed as essential to promoting student learning, and ways in which to support great teaching practices.


The Professionalization of Teaching: Next Generation 2013

The 2013 Conference on Teaching, titled, The Professionalization of Teaching: Next Generation, explored how stakeholders—including teacher preparation programs, state policy makers, unions, and educator professionals—are working to advance the professionalization of teaching at various points along the teacher career continuum. Presenters examined the contributions of teacher preparation to the profession, "on-the-job" measures of teacher effectiveness, and expanding professional roles of accomplished teachers.



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