Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing | Second Edition

For educational, clinical, and research teams who need broad and deep information about the phonological skills required for reading fluency, the CTOPP-2 provides reliable scores for phonological awareness (including phoneme isolation), phonological memory, and rapid symbolic and non-symbolic naming for students ages 4 through 24:11. CTOPP-2 is the most current version of CTOPP.

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  • CTOPP-2 Complete Kit (Print)
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    Includes Examiner’s Manual, Examiner Record Booklets (25) for ages 4 through 6, Examiner Record Booklets (25) for ages 7 through 24, Picture Book, all in a sturdy storage box; the original CD has been converted to a digital audio file download at


  • CTOPP-2 Ages 4-6 Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
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  • CTOPP-2 Ages 7-24 Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
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    Price includes up to 40 people per session. This 1-hour Q&A session supports participants who have attended a previous session or are familiar with the assessment. A Pearson expert will meet with participants to address follow-up questions and support specific assessment-related needs. To use the hour efficiently, participants may submit questions in advance. Q&A sessions do not include handouts or slides.

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Subtest scaled scores, percentile ranks, age and grade equivalents, composite indexes, and developmental scores
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40 minutes
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Manual scoring

Product Details

CTOPP-2 is a measure of phonological awarenes, phonological memory, and naming. The assessment features all new normative data and a new phonological awareness subtest: Phoneme Isolation.


  • Identify individuals whose phonological abilities are significantly below their peers.
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses in phonological processing skills.
  • Document progress in phonological processing following intervention.
  • Collect data for phonological processing research.


CTOPP-2 includes twelve subtests plus supplemental tests to assess specific phonological strengths and weaknesses are included. Applicable across two age levels, 4-6 and 7-24, the CTOPP-2 has five composites:

  • Phonological Awareness Component Scores (PACS) represents awareness of and access to the phonological structure of oral language.
  • Phonological Memory Component Scores (PMCS) helps to measure the ability to code information phonologically for temporary storage in working or short-term memory.
  • The Rapid Symbolic Naming Composite Score (RSNCS) measures the ability to include efficient retrieval of phonological information from long-term or permanent memory and execute a sequence of operations quickly and repeatedly.
  • Rapid Non-Symbolic Naming Composite Score (RNNCS) measures the ability to include efficient retrieval of phonological information from long-term or permanent memory and execute a sequence of operations quickly and repeatedly using objects and colors.
  • The Alternate Phonological Awareness Composite Score (APACS), an alternate composite for measuring phonological awareness, is available for 7 through 24 year olds. The APACS measures phonological awareness exclusively with nonwords, memory, as well as the ability to execute a sequence of operations quickly and repeatedly.

Included Subtests

  • Elision

  • Blending Words

  • Sound Matching

  • Phoneme Isolation

  • Blending Nonwords

  • Segmenting Nonwords

  • Memory for Digits

  • Nonword Repetition

  • Rapid Digit Naming

  • Rapid Letter Naming

  • Rapid Color Naming

  • Rapid Object Naming