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Q-global® is Pearson's web-based system for administering, scoring and reporting Pearson assessments.

Q-global Video Proctoring (Q-gVP) is now available! Check out the new “Q-global Video Proctoring” section below for complete details.
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Q-global Video Proctoring Subscription 1 Year
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Product Details

Q-global was developed for mental health professionals, educators, and other professionals who want the ease, reliability, and security of a cost-effective, web-based platform for their administration, scoring, and reporting needs.


Q-global houses a growing list of assessments and includes:

  • 24/7 secure, web-based access.
  • Online ordering and automatic customer account setup.
  • On-demand, reliable scoring.
  • Comprehensive reporting solutions.

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Q-global Video Proctoring (Q-gVP)

With Q-global® Video Proctoring you can have the convenience and confidence of face to-face conversation and administration — all within your normal Q-global workflow. You can easily assign one of 40+ assessments and proctor "in person" via video without juggling a third-party platform. Once the assessment is complete, you can remain online with your client to consult or review results. As an added value, this subscription allows all your Q-global users under your Q-global Account to have access to Q-global Video Proctoring.

Q-gVP is an account-level subscription, which means all users on your Q-global account will have the ability to use Q-gVP for the cost of a single subscription. You have two options for purchasing a Q-gVP subscription.

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Q-global Video Proctoring

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