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Personality dysfunction can be a root cause of common daily challenges individuals might be facing, such as significant relationship issues, financial stress, anxiety, and depression. If your client is encountering these frequent causes of psychological distress, there could be underlying personality issues that the Millon Inventories can help assess.

The Millon Inventories are based on Dr. Theodore Millon''s APA award-winning theory of personality. These comprehensive assessments provide a theoretical foundation to make reliable diagnostic and treatment decisions in a wide range of settings including clinical and counseling, school, medical, government, and forensic.

As the field of psychology changes, the Millon Inventories continue to adapt and evolve.

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Benefits of using the Millon Inventories:

  • Both theoretically driven and empirically guided: The Millon inventories blend together both Dr. Millon's theory and sound empirical research to form a cohesive understanding of an individual's personality.
  • Closely correlated with the DSM®: A connection with the DSM® classification system of personality disorders increases their diagnostic utility and facilitates easy communication among practitioners.
  • Brief yet comprehensive: Brevity is the hallmark of the Millon inventories that are designed to obtain the maximum amount of information with a minimum number of test items and patient effort. As the need for efficient and accurate differential diagnosis of complex disorders grows, this feature has become increasingly valued.
  • Enable more effective treatment planning: Customized Interpretive Reports help bring critical concerns to light and provide a foundation upon which treatment plans can easily be developed.
  • Quick administration and scoring: Digitally administer, generate scores, and produce accurate comprehensive reports using our Q-global® web-based platform.

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Medical Patient Inventory

Master of the Mind: The Voice of Theodore Millon


Master of the Mind: The Voice of Theodore Millon

Master of the Mind's primary focus is not on the contributions Ted Millon made to the fields of personality theory, personality disorders, and personality assessment, as far-reaching and multidimensional as those contributions have been (and continue to be). Rather, this book explores who Ted Millon was as a person, and seeks to identify why he was so driven, so absolutely committed to improving the human condition. It examines how Ted approached his work, how he solved problems, how he reasoned, how he thought. What motivated him. From whom he drew his inspiration. Why he chose the path he did. And a reflection on the legacy that he leaves behind.

About the Author

Theo Jolosky was a long-time professional colleague and personal friend of Ted Millon's. Much of Master of the Mind is anchored in the stories and memories of not only the author's relationship with Ted, but the insights offered by the more than 40 colleagues, business associates, and family members Jolosky interviewed in the writing of this book.

Master of the Mind ($19.95) can be ordered at Itasca Books.

Book cover: Master of the Mind: The Voice of Theodore Millon

Podcast Series

Into the Mind: Conversations with Dr. Theodore Millon.

This series of audio broadcasts, presented by author Dr. Theodore Millon, provides detailed information on the history and origin of his Evolutionary Theory of Personality, the connection between theory and assessment, and the development of the Millon Inventories and the new MCMI-IV.


Online Recordings and Resources

Millon Inventories Flyer

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About the Author

Author bio for Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc

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2015 Hertz Presentation

Honoring Dr. Theodore Millon at the Annual Convention for the Society for Personality Assessment on March 6, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. 

Watch the video

Theodore Millon – Grandfather of Personality Theory

An interview with Dr. Millon on All in the Mind from Radio National, October 29, 2005.

Play the interview or view the transcript.

Pre-teen Problems Need Greater Attention

Dr. Millon interview in July/August 2005 issue of The National Psychologist, published with their permission.

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Journal of Personality Assessment's Special Section

Theodore Millon's Legacy for Personality Theory and Assessment is a collection of seven articles that you may access at tandfonline. Note: a subscription to Taylor & Francis Online is required.

Theodore Millon's Contributions to Conceptualizing Personality Disorder

Aaron L. Pincus and Robert F. Krueger.

View the abstract

Evolution of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory

James P. Choca and Seth D. Grossman.

View the abstract

Effects of Theodore Millon's Teaching, Mentorship, Theory, and Scientific Contributions on Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Research and Practice

Michael H. Antoni.

View the abstract

Millon's Contributions to Preadolescent and Adolescent Personality Assessment: Searching Onward and Upward

Robert Tringone and Neil Bockian.

View the abstract

International Adaptations of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory: Construct Validity and Clinical Applications

Gina Rossi and Jan Derksen.

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Millon's Contributions to the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD)

Erik Simonsent and Mickey Kongerslev.

View the abstract

The Business of Testing

Theo Jolosky and Carol Watson.

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