Movement Assessment Battery for Children | Second Edition

Movement ABC-2

Movement Assessment Battery for Children | Second Edition provides you with the tools you need to assist in identifying children who have motor function impairment.

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  • Movement ABC-2 Complete Kit (Print)
    0158441117 Qualification Level B

    Includes Examiner's Manual (Print), Intervention Manual (Print), 25 Age Band 1 Record Forms (Print), 25 Age Band 2 Record Forms (Print), 25 Age Band 3 Record Forms (Print), 50 Checklists with Instructions (Print), Peg Board, Lacing board and Lace Set in Plastic Wallet, Yellow Cubes (16) and Lace Set in Box, Bank Box and Coins (16) Set, Mushroom Pegs (16) and Two Color Turning Pins (16) in Box Set, Nuts and Bolts Triangle Test (2) in Box, Stepping Floor Mat Set (6) in Carry Case, Balance Boards (pair) in Box, Retractable Tape Measure in Box, BIC Atlantis Red Pen (2), Berol Finewriter Pen (2), Table Top Mat, Bean Bag, Plastic Target Disc, Tennis Ball, Yellow Masking Tape, Timer in Box

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


  • Movement ABC-2 Ages 3-6 Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158441125 Qualification Level B


  • Movement ABC-2 Ages 7-10 Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158441133 Qualification Level B


  • Movement ABC-2 Ages 11-16 Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
    0158441141 Qualification Level B


  • Movement ABC-2 Checklists Qty 50 (Print) with Instruction Booklet (Print)
    015844115X Qualification Level B



Publication date:
Age range:
Test: 3:0-16:11 years
Checklist: 5:0-12:0 years
Test: Total standard scores and percentiles. Checklist: Percentile cut scores
Qualification level:
Test: Individual, 20-40 minutes
Checklist: Group or individual, 10 minutes

Product Details

The Movement ABC-2 assessment is paralleled by an observational approach to perceptual-motor aspects and emotional and motivational difficulties the child may have in relation to motor tasks.


  • Identify delay or impairment in motor development.
  • Help plan intervention programs and measures change as a result of intervention.
  • Assist in researching involvement motor skills and development.
  • Assess groups of children in classroom situations.
  • Obtain parents' or teachers' views on a child's movement in everyday settings.
  • Measure the extent to which a child's attitudes and feelings about motor tasks are situation specific or more generalized.


The kit includes a full assessment battery, a checklist, and an ecological intervention manual. The intervention manual is based on research and provides a complete guide to helping children with movement difficulties.

  • Includes eight tasks for three age ranges: 3–6 years; 7–10 years and 11–16 years.
  • Tasks cover three areas: Manual Dexterity, Ball Skills, Static and Dynamic Balance.
  • Comprehensive normative and clinical studies.
  • Simple scoring and interpretation system.
  • Separate intervention manual.
  • Extensive international research built over the previous version of the assessment and this version, featuring in over 500 studies.
  • Extensive translations worldwide.