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  • Mullen Scales of Early Learning (Mullen Scales)
    Mullen Scales of Early Learning is a developmentally integrated system that assesses language, motor, and perceptual abilities, measures cognitive ability and motor development quickly and reliably
  • Peabody Developmental Motor Scales | Second Edition (PDMS–2)
    Peabody Developmental Motor Scales Second Edition (PDMS-2) combines in-depth assessment with training or remediation of gross and fine motor skills of children from birth through 5 years.
  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test | Fifth Edition (PPVT-5)
    Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test™ Fifth Edition (PPVT™-5) is a norm-referenced and individually administered measure of receptive vocabulary based on words in Standard American English.
  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test | Fourth Edition (PPVT-4)
    The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test Fourth Edition (PPVT™-4) is the outstanding vocabulary assessment unsurpassed for nearly a half century.
  • Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI)
    Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory assesses key functional capabilities and performance in children ages 6 months to 7 years. PEDI is also useful for older children whose functional abilities are lower than those of seven-year-olds without disabilities.
  • Preschool Language Scales | Fifth Edition (PLS-5)
    PLS™-5 Preschool Language Scales Fifth Edition offers a comprehensive developmental language assessment with items that range from pre-verbal, interaction-based skills to emerging language to early literacy.
  • Speed DIAL-4
    An abbreviated version of the full DIAL-4 test, Speed DIAL-4 is a global screener for assessing large groups of children quickly and efficiently.
  • The Early Screening Inventory | Third Edition (ESI-3)
    The Early Screening Inventory Third Edition (ESI™-3) is an individually administered screening instrument that helps identify children who may need special education services.
  • The Ounce Scale
    Assist parents to become keener observers of developmental milestones. The Ounce Scale provides a structure to help parents observe a range of relevant behaviors in their child’s growth.