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Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Online | Second Edition

(NNAT-2 Online)

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Online Second Edition is a nonverbal, culturally neutral general ability assessment ideal for diverse student populations.

Age range:
Age 4 through 18 Grades PreK through 12
30 minutes; Online or paper-and-pencil; group-administered
One form with seven levels
Naglieri Ability Index (NAI), percentile ranks, stanines, scaled scores, and normal curve equivalents (NCEs) by age

Pricing & Ordering

Pearson will continue to score and provide reports for your paper and online NNAT2 tests through September 30, 2020 so you may continue to purchase any remaining paper inventory available for processing through our Ready Results software. After September 30th, Pearson will not score any paper tests received and you will not be able to administer online tests. However, student results from previous administrations will continue to be available at all times.                          

Consider transitioning to the NNAT3 which provides new items and parallel forms. For more information, contact Pearson's Customer Service team at 1-800-328-5999.


Product Details

With the use of progressive matrices for seven grade-based levels, NNAT-2 versatile test is well-suited for identifying gifted and talented students.


  • Assess ability of general student population, students of limited English skills from diverse cultural backgrounds, and gifted and talented students.
  • Evaluate students with limited motor skills, hearing impairment, and minimal color-vision impairment.
  • Evaluate students whose economic or social circumstances have limited their acquisition of knowledge and verbal skills.
  • Requires no spoken or written language, making it useful for English language learners.


The NNAT-2 Online includes:

  • Higher ceiling with 48 new items.
  • Pictorial direction to help expedite testing administration and instruction.
  • 2011 norms, making the NNAT-2 the most recently normed ability test available.


The following additional resources are available for NNAT-2 Online.

Program Brochure