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NEUROPSI Attention and Memory | Second Edition


NEUROPSI Attention and Memory allows assessment of the cognitive process in Spanish speakers with documented or suspected brain lesions (e.g., tumors, traumatic brain injury), developmental disabilities, ADHD, dementia, psychiatric disorders, etc.

Age range:
6:0-85:0 years
Qualification level:
Completion time:
50-60 minutes for people without cognitive disabilities, 80-90 minutes in pathologic populations
Based on 950 subjects and scores are corrected according to age and education

Pricing & Ordering

Profile sheets can be printed for free from the original publisher's website.

Enter the last word from page 29 of your manual, as directed. Then, choose the appropriate age range or years of education and print.


  • Neuropsi-Attention and Memory Complete Kit


    Includes Instructional Manual, Neuropsi Attention and Memory Stimulus Book and Cubes, Total Scores, Profiles (Pkg of 136) and Protocols (Pkg of 10)

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $581.90

    Qualification Level B


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  • Neuropsi-Attention and Memory Protocols


    Pkg of 10

    Pricing and Qualification

    Price: $118.80

    Qualification Level B


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Product Details

NEUROPSI evaluates attention, memory, and learning functioning in Spanish speakers.


  • Subtests are organized into summary scores that yield a General Attention and Memory Index Score, an Attention Index, Memory Index, and each of the subtests.
  • Subtests evaluate Orientation, Attention and Concentration, Working Memory, Immediate Verbal Memory, Delayed Verbal Memory, Immediate Visual Memory, Delayed Verbal Memory, and Executive Functions.