Wide Range Intelligence Test


The WRIT Wide Range Intelligence Test provides a general measure of intelligence (IQ) with user-friendly materials to assess verbal and nonverbal cognitive abilities. 

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  • WRIT Complete Kit
    31400 Qualification Level C

    Includes Manual, Examiner Forms (25), Stimulus Easel, Diamond Chips, black canvas bag

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  • WRIT Stimulus Easel
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  • WRIT Diamond Chips
    31404 Qualification Level C

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Age range:
4 to 85 years
Publication date:
Qualification level:
Completion time:
20–30 minutes
Scoring options:
Manual scoring

Product Details

The WRIT provides a brief estimate of cognitive ability for psychological or vocational rehabilitation evaluations.  A stopwatch is required for administration.


  • Identify learning disabilities, mental retardation, giftedness, and neuropsychological impairments.
  • Assesses both verbal and nonverbal abilities.
  • Cover an extended age range.
  • Psychologists trained in individual testing will find that the format of the WRIT is related to the hierarchical model of ability they are already familiar with.


WRIT is fast, reliable, and easy to administer. Four subtests address specific abilities.

  • Verbal scale (crystallized): Vocabulary and Verbal Analogies subtests.
  • Visual scale (fluid): Matrices and Diamonds subtests.
  • Standardized on 2,285 individuals.
  • Conormed with the WRAT.