Career Decision-Making System-Revised


The award-winning Career Decision-Making® System-Revised (CDM®-R) provides a self-scored assessment that helps students and other career planners identify their occupational interests, values, and abilities.

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Age range:
12 and older
Reading Level:
Fourth grade (Level 1), Sixth Grade (Level 2)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
20-40 minutes
Scoring options:
Report Options:
Interpretive Folder
Other languages:
System requirements:
Windows XP SP3 or Macintosh OS 10.4* is required. *Apple dropped support for Coco causing these programs to quit working from 10.5 forward.

Product Details

CDM-R has been used successfully by millions of junior high and high-school students, individuals preparing to enter the job market, and veterans who are returning to the workplace or considering changing career directions.


  • Pinpoint career clusters and yields results that can be linked to future job area interests and opportunities. 
  • Assess users’ interests and help them to self-assess their abilities, work values, and school subject preferences.
  • Use a decision-making process for exploring specific occupations and learning about the education and training requirements.
  • Get scores and reports on six interest areas (each corresponding to one of the six RIASEC themes): Crafts, Scientific, Arts, Social, Business, Office Operations.


CDM-R consists of two levels, both designed for different types of individuals.

  • Level 1: ideal for middle and junior high school students, and individuals with limited reading ability. It features 96 Interest Survey items that are easy to read and a booklet that includes the CDM survey itself and interpretive information with job charts for the six CDM-R career interest areas.
  • Level 2: ideal for high school students, college students, and adults with average or better reading ability. A Survey Booklet consists of 120 updated and gender-neutral items, and an Interpretive Folder suggests relevant jobs, college majors, and training programs.

Career Clusters Organized by Career Interest Area




The Arts



Office Operations


Math - Science


Customer Service



Skilled Trades

Medical - Dental


Personal Service


Data Analysis




Social Service