10 Items found in Attention ADHD
  • Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile (Sensory Profile Adult/Adolescent)
    Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile® helps measure sensory processing patterns and effects on functional performance.
  • BASC-3 Flex Monitor (BASC-3)
    BASC-3 Flex Monitor is a new, flexible way to monitor changes in behavior and emotional functioning. It enables psychologists and professionals in school or clinical environments to monitor and track effects of behavioral intervention plans.
  • Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales (BrownADDScales)
    Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales® are a consistent measure of ADD across the life span. Based on Thomas Brown's cutting-edge model of cognitive impairment in ADD, BrownADDScales reliably screen for and explore the executive cognitive functioning associated with ADHD.
  • Conners 3rd Edition (Conners 3)
    Updated to provide a new scoring option for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5) Symptom Scales, Conners 3 is a dependable tool for supporting the diagnostic process.
  • Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile
    The Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile® was developed to evaluate sensory processing patterns in the very young. The results provide understanding of how sensory processing affects the child’s daily functioning performance.
  • Sensory Profile
    The Sensory Profile™ helps you understand a child’s sensory processing patterns in everyday situations and profile the sensory system’s effect on functional performance for diagnostic and intervention planning.
  • Sensory Profile 2
    The Sensory Profile™ 2 family of assessments provides standardized tools to help evaluate a child's sensory processing patterns in the context of home, school, and community-based activities.
  • Sensory Profile School Companion (SPSC)
    SPSC Sensory Profile School Companion provides school-based clinicians the ability to evaluate a child’s sensory processing skills and how these skills affect the child’s classroom behavior and performance.
  • Social Cognition
    Social Cognition include tests for abilities such as facial recognition, name-face association, prosody, and theory of mind that are important aspects of social functioning.
  • Test of Everyday Attention for Children | Second Edition (TEA-Ch2)
    Test of Everyday Attention for Children Second Edition uniquely measures separable aspects of attention.