Children's Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment and Preferences for Activities of Children


Children's Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment and Preferences for Activities of Children (CAPE/PAC) provides an understanding of the social well-being and activity performance of a child with disabilities.

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  • CAPE/PAC Manual (Print)
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  • CAPE/PAC Activity Cards Qty 67
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    Includes 67 cards (2 per page)


  • CAPE/PAC Complete Kit (Print)
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    Includes Manual, 25 Record Forms (Print), 25 Summary Score Sheets (Print), and 67 Activity Cards (Print)


  • CAPE/PAC Record Forms Qty 25 (Print)
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  • CAPE/PAC Summary Score Sheets Qty 25 (Print)
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Publication date:


Age range:


Qualification level:


Completion time:

15-20 minutes - PAC; 30-45 minutes - CAPE

Scoring options:

Manual Scoring

Product Details

Administer the CAPE to explore an individual’s day-to-day participation for the purpose of intervention planning or measuring outcomes. The PAC may be used to assess an individual’s preference for activities.


  • Measure various aspects of participation or engagement in activities.
  • Administer either by having the client complete the record form with assistance from the parent or caregiver or by using the activity and category cards.


Both CAPE and PAC measures are appropriate for clients with or without disabilities between the ages of 6 to 21.

  • Complete kit includes manual, record forms, activity cards, category cards, CAPE and PAC summary score sheets.
  • CAPE and PAC may be used independently or together.
  • Activity types addressed in both measures include: recreational, physical, social, skill-based, and self-improvement.