WriteToLearn is a web-based tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension. Using WriteToLearn, students develop a skill that good readers naturally possess - the ability to summarize what they read. They practice essay writing and summarizing while building writing and reading comprehension skills.
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WriteToLearn Essentials And Data Utilization Live Webinar 6 Hours
A103000197879 Qualification Level A

This 6-hour workshop will introduce participants to WriteToLearn and the rigorous research design behind the development of this learning tool. The benefits and main components of WriteToLearn will be presented, as well as an introduction to navigation of the software. This training will also focus on strategies to (a) help integrate writing across the curriculum, (b) encourage student engagement and motivation, (c) provide appropriate teacher modeling, and (d) differentiate instruction and other topics as needed. Participants will also learn where to find additional resources for using WriteToLearn. Price includes up to 30 people per session.

Training orders will be processed within 5-7 business days of order placement. A training consultant will contact you to coordinate your training. Training dates are scheduled 4-6 weeks from order placement.