Stanford Achievement Test Series | Tenth Edition

For more than a century, the SAT10 provides a valid and reliable measure of academic achievement toward state and national standards for students grades K-12. Spanning language, reading, math, science, and social science domains, the SAT10 enables educators and administrators to make important instructional decisions for each student. Co-normed with the OLSAT8, the SAT10 is a multiple-choice assessment that has national norms and is available in print and digital formats. Clear reports show academic strengths in addition to the skills in need of more support. Parents also see home-based activities in each content area. The SAT10 is the most current version of the SAT. See our Guidance on using this assessment remotely.
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SAT10 Form A Intermediate 1 Machine Score Answer Documents Qty 30 (Print)
0158777794 Qualification Level B

Price includes the Scanning, Scoring & Reporting fee for EACH student document.




Publication date:
Age range:
Grades K-12 paper, Grades 3-12 online
Percentile Rank, Stanine, GE, and NCE by grade. Achievement/Ability Comparisons when administered with OLSAT8, and Scaled Scores to represent performance on a continuous growth scale and to allow for out-of-level testing situations.
Qualification level:
Completion time:
2.25-5.5 hours (untimed); see Scope & Sequence Chart
Online or paper-and-pencil; individual or group-administered
Form A with 13 levels; Form D with 13 levels for hand scoring only
Scoring options:
Online tests are scored immediately in the platform. Form A paper tests are returned to Pearson for scoring with reports provided in the online platform. Form D paper tests must be scored by hand.
Report options:
See Resources Tab
Fall and Spring grade-based norms, based on the national population of students in the selected norm year.
System requirements:
See Resources Tab
Remote learning guidance


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Product Details

This multiple-choice assessment helps identify student strengths and needs, leading to effective placement and instructional planning.


  • Determine student achievement profile and identify children who are at risk of falling behind academically.
  • Test battery options to fit your school’s testing needs.
  • Measure up to four achievement parameters: content cluster, process cluster, cognitive level, and instructional standard.
  • Use complete, basic, and abbreviated test battery options to fit your school's testing needs.
  • Identify student strengths and needs to support effective placement and instructional planning.
  • Get prompt results with online reports (Online version scoring is immediate.)
  • SAT10 Online: No commitment on the part of the school to store, distribute, organize and ship test booklets or answer documents.
  • SAT10 Online: Allow the proctor/teacher to follow the progress of each student during administration.


The SAT10 covers reading and comprehension, sound and letters, mathematics, language, spelling, listening comprehension, science and social science.

  • Full-color, consistently formatted testing materials help motivate students to answer all questions.
  • Grade-appropriate, peer-reviewed, scientifically based content, and current normative standards.
  • Braille and large-print versions are available for special accommodations.
  • Content is aligned to state and national standards.
  • Extensive resources for parents and teachers to help prepare students for test-taking, guide instruction, and interpreting test results.
  • An Achievement/Ability Comparison can be made when Stanford 10 is administered with OLSAT® 8.
  • SAT10 Online: Immediate scoring, reporting, and normative analysis.
  • SAT10 Online: Includes online testing tools such as rulers, highlighter, calculator, and mathematics reference sheets,

Sample Reports & Questions

A range of new, user-friendly score reports, designed with the input of administrators and teachers across the country, supports teaching and learning and accountability requirements. The following sample reports are available for Stanford 10 Online. A sample test is also available.

Pearson Assessment for Learning Suite

The Pearson Assessment for Learning Suite is a category of K-12 assessments that support educators, caregivers, and students in improving their educational outcomes.

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The following resources are available for SAT10.


Subtest Examples


Reading Comprehension

Students who take the full-length Reading Comprehension subtest at Primary 1–TASK 3 levels can receive a Lexile® score.

Reading Comprehension Subtest Example

Sounds and Letters

The Sounds and Letters subtest has an increased emphasis on phonemic awareness and phonics and closely reflects reading research findings.

Sounds and Letters Subtest Example


Concepts assessed include number sense and operations; patterns, relationships, and algebra; geometry and measurement; and data, statistics, and probability.

Mathematics Subtest Example


Aligned with IRA/NCTE and state standards, the Language subtest measures students' achievement in applying the principles that form effective writing.

Language Subtest Example


The separate Spelling subtest assesses objectives based upon the phonetic and structural principles taught at each grade level.

Spelling Subtest Example

Listening Comprehension

The Listening subtests emphasize listening strategies and provide a wide variety of selections that includes multicultural representation.

Listening Comprehension Subtest Example


The Science subtest assesses students' understanding of the life, physical, and earth sciences, and the nature of science.

Science Subtest Example

Social Science

The Social Science subtest measures the concepts important for the development of citizenship and strongly emphasizes critical thinking skills.

Social Science Subtest Example

Support Materials for Parents, Students, and Educators


Preview for Parents

Outlines the purpose of Stanford 10 and explains how parents can help their children prepare.

SAT0 Preview for Parents

Guide for Classroom Planning

Helps teachers gain a greater understanding of Stanford 10 test results.

SAT10 Guide for Classroom Planning

Understanding Test Results

Describes why standardized tests are administered and how the results can be used.

Understanding Test Results

Compendium of Instructional Standards

Describes the structure of Stanford 10 according to the content standards and cognitive processes the items measure.

Compendium of Instructional Standards

Practice Tests

Reduces test anxiety by familiarizing students with test directions, sample items, and answer coding.

SAT10 Practice Test Booklet