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Woodcock Reading Mastery Test Revised-Normative


Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests Revised-Normative Update is an individual assessment of reading skills for children and adults. WRMT™-R/NU provides expanded interpretive system and age range, simpler testing/retesting, and a more comprehensive combined assessment option.

Age range:
Ages 5:0 to 75+
Publication date:
1987 (content), 1998 (norms)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10 to 30 minutes for each cluster of tests
Age and grade-based percentile ranks, standard scores (M = 100 SD = 15), and NCEs (for Chapter I ), age and grade equivalents

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Product Details

Based on scientific research and tested with years of actual classroom use, WRMT-R/NU provides a test battery with a proven record of accuracy with target grade levels.


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in reading skills in specific children.
  • Ascertain students' difficulties and their root causes to plan targeted remediation.
  • Determine reading strategies so that students with special needs can get needed help learning to read.
  • Get thorough coverage of reading readiness, basic skills, and comprehension.
  • Measure vocabulary in four areas: General Reading, Science-Mathematics, Social Studies, and Humanities.


Two forms, G and H, make it easy to test and retest reading achievement.

  • G+H Summary Record Form allow summary and combination of Form G and H derived scores when both forms of the WRMT-R have been administered.
  • Report to Parents Helps you explain student performance to parents with space for making recommendations.
  • Wide age range allows you to test young children to older adults.
  • WRMT-III is already available.
  • Based on a national sampling of over 3,000 people.
  • Conormed with K-TEA/NU and PIAT-R/NU.


The following resources are available for WRMT-R/NU.