Evaluación del Desarrollo de la Lectura 2

  • Olivia A. Ruiz
  • Vivian M. Cuesta
For dual language, bilingual, and immersion classrooms, Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura® 2 (EDL™2+) is a Spanish criterion-based, authentic benchmark/interim assessment for evaluating student reading level and reading behaviors in Kindergarten through Grade 6. EDL2+ determines independent or instructional levels on reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and reading comprehension. For struggling readers, EDL2+ helps create instructional groupings and informs instructional practice through progress monitoring and targeted skill-based interventions. The EDL™2+ is the most current version of the DRA in Spanish. See our Guidance on using this assessment remotely.
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EDL2 Benchmark Books K-6 1 Year Subscription (Digital)
A103000232508 Qualification Level A

Includes K-6 teacher license for 2022–2023 academic year to access digital benchmark books; prior kit purchase required for administration and scoring




Publication date:
2007 (original EDL2), 2014 (Word Analysis)
Age range:
Qualification level:
Paper-and-pencil or online
Scoring options:
Manual or online
System requirements:
EDL2+ can be used on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Mac recommendations: Safari or Chrome. PC recommendations: Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Product Details

Evaluación del desarrollo de la lectura 2 (EDL2+) has been widely field tested to support literacy assessment for Spanish-speaking students with the goal to help native speakers and those learning the language to become successful readers.

Would you like to...

  • Identify a student’s independent reading level and document their progress over time?
  • Provide powerful instruction and tailor teaching based on the specific needs of each student?
  • Provide a common literacy language across schools?
  • Identify critical points of intervention and compare your students’ progress with benchmark expectations?
  • Allocate instructional materials and personnel resources more effectively?
  • Group students based on their specific literacy needs?

EDL2+ can help! This research-based literacy solution provides you with the right mix of tools to assess your students' literacy skills, effectively tailor your instruction, and monitor their progress.

EDL2+ supports students

EDL2+ includes tools to evaluate numerous facets of your students’ literacy competence. One of these individual diagnostics, Word Analysis (EDL2 Análisis de palabras), includes 30 tasks designed to evaluate:

  • Phonological awareness
  • Metalanguage
  • Letter and word recognition
  • Structural analysis and syllabication

EDL2+ supports teachers

As our population’s diversity increases, teachers need an efficient way to measure each student’s literacy strengths and areas of need. EDL2+ gives you the tools you need to:

  • Quickly identify the strengths and instructional needs of each student
  • Help students develop effective word analysis skills and strategies needed to read and comprehend more complex texts
  • Plan effectively for instruction and monitor progress over time

Did you know you the EDL2+ Benchmark Books are also available through a digital subscription?

Digital Benchmark Assessment Books are available for the 2021–2022 school year!

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Progress monitoring (Verificar el progresso)

Use the EDL2+ Verificar el progreso to measure reading growth and ensure students are receiving the precise instruction needed to achieve reading success. The EDL2+ provides:

  • 95 brief, leveled passages and passage-specific Teacher Observation Guides
  • Passages starting at Level 4 through Level 60
  • Fiction and nonfiction passages

Scoring and reporting platform

Did you know that EDL2+ has an online platform? In 2021 we added the EDL2+ content to the same online platform as our sister product, DRA3. You can now assess, score, report, and maintain student records all in one place!

Interested in the new EDL2+ scoring and reporting platform?

Starting in March, with every EDL2+ kit purchased, you’ll receive free 30-students for a one-year subscription to the digital platform.

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EDL2+'s new consolidated digital offering:

  • Provides educators data entry and administration in a new browser-based solution that can be used on any compatible device (e.g., laptop, desktop, or tablet)
  • Offers expanded reporting options beyond those available from a paper-only assessment
  • Easily captures, stores, and reports EDL2 student data at the student, class, school, district, or even state level

EDL2+'s instructional guidance helps reading teachers interpret EDL2 scores and use them to improve classroom instruction by providing:

  • Comparisons to other familiar leveling systems
  • Strategies teachers can use to build customized lesson plans based on EDL2 student and classroom scores
  • Time-tested ideas introduced in DRA2's Focus for Instruction and Moving into Instruction components
  • Clearer guidance decision points for efficient and appropriate use of EDL2+ Benchmark Assessment with Word Analysis and/or Progress Monitoring Assessment

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