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Process Assessment of the Learner Guides for Intervention

(PAL Guides)

The Process Assessment of the Learner Guides for Intervention (PAL) provide proven strategies to create positive learning outcomes for students with reading and writing difficulties. 

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  • PAL Guides for Intervention Talking Letters Student Desk Guides


    2 cards per set, sold as classroom sets of 10 (20 cards total)

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Product Details

The integrated PAL tools provide a systematic approach for assessing a child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing and implementing necessary intervention and instruction. 


  • Link intervention strategies to PAL-II Reading and Writing results.
  • Get creative approaches to form functional reading and writing intervention programs.
  • Access strategies developed through the author’s reading and writing research and 25 years of clinical and teaching experience.
  • Design effective IEPs. 
  • Useful in the classroom, special education, or in clinical settings.
  • Supports the goals of Reading First legislature (No Child Left Behind Act).


PAL materials include practical guidance, grounded in research, to help multidisciplinary teams intervene early in the learning process. Components include:

  • Manual: lessons and resources for implementing the intervention-assessment model for parents and teachers.
  • Talking Letters Teacher’s Guide: systematically teaches the connections between spelling and sound; includes a reproducible picture-sound dictionary and step-by-step directions to implement intervention.
  • Talking Letters Student Desk Guides: helps students develop phonological awareness for successful reading and writing; includes two laminated Desk Guide cards to aid in decoding and orthographic coding of words.
  • Handwriting Lessons: designed for developing handwriting automaticity.