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Use Data to Understand, Monitor — and Make Informed Decisions

When students are struggling, educators need accurate and efficient tools to help them understand their  strengths and challenges, respond with appropriate interventions, and measure their effectiveness.

Whether your approach is rooted in RTI or MTSS, Pearson has the tools you need to assess students’ skills in basic reading, mathematics, spelling, and written expression.

Throughout the year, we can provide progress monitoring that quickly shows you whether students are on track to meet year-end goals, and help you target intervention. Web-based data management, and easy-to-use charting and reporting features ensure that data is easy to understand, worth with — and share with fellow educators, administrators and parents.

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aimsweb is an assessment system that provides the framework for RTI implementations and tiered instruction. It offers multiple assessments for universal screening and progress monitoring, and web-based data management, charting, and reporting. Also provided are screening tools and interventions for behavior and social skills.

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aimsweb™Plus is an all-in-one formative assessment, reporting, and data management solution for grades K-8. aimswebPlus uses standards-based and curriculum-based measures to support the full spectrum of universal screening, benchmarking, and progress monitoring needs for reading and math throughout the school year. All assessment data is captured and managed in one fast, efficient, and seamless web-based system.