Decades of Difference Workshop
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Decades of Difference Workshop

There is a demographic storm brewing.

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop | Up to 30 Participants

Program Overview

What’s in the storm?

Three distinct generations of employees with competing priorities, work styles and needs.

A huge Baby Boomer Generation on the verge of a mass exodus from the workplace

A significant lack of available, qualified talent for leadership positions

The massive and unique population of Generation Y marching into the workplace

With different values and seemingly incompatible views on work style, these groups have the potential to create conflict in the workplace. Increased understanding and management of these groups are essential. This storm is rapidly closing in to combine with other significant forces: the ongoing technology revolution, the ever-expanding globally competitive marketplace and the sluggish economy. The good news is that the shifting demographics does not have to be a “threat” to your organization’s long-term health and success. This shift can be understood, prepared for, and managed. How?

By sorting out the real priorities, practical issues, and specific generational challenges.

By using proven tools and

By focusing on preparation strategies.

Our Decades of Differences workshop(s) will help your leaders, managers and employees understand the distinct generational differences and how to flex to meet each group and individual in a personal and supportive way. Using the Golden Personality Type Profiler™, participants will receive both a Jungian 4-letter type and a 5th element for stress, as well as scores for 18 traits (facets) that help describe the unique personality of each person. The Golden is the perfect tool to help individuals better understand their unique personalities and relate to others more effectively. Combining The Golden’s individual styles with the broader generational preferences make this workshop a powerful antidote to the often turbulent demographic issues in the workplace.

Course Objectives

During this program, participants will learn what makes each generation tick and why.

What are their core values?

What each generation expects of their leaders?

How do they define success? How do they want to be rewarded?

What are the generational myths?

How to increase communication across the generations and individuals

Where you focus your energy (Extroverting vs Introverting)

How you gather information (Sensing vs Intuiting)

How you make decisions (Thinking vs Feeling)

How you approach life (Organizing vs Adapting)

How you respond to stress (Tense vs Calm)

Other learning outcomes will include:

Sharing Ideas for Making it Work

How to Handle Conflict Among Generations

Eliminating generational challenges is grounded in understanding what makes each generation tick and why. This presentation will provide the groundwork for how employees handle communications among multigenerational coworkers.

Method and Program Format

Generational Differences is an interactive, a 1/2 day or full-day workshop that is facilitated by a seasoned instructor. Each concept is introduced via video and/or group discussion and then quickly incorporates exercises. Where appropriate, exercises involve participants’ using their own work situations to apply the concept.

Our philosophy is that the most effective courses are those where the participants are actively engaged through expert facilitation by the consultant, activities, assessments, personal insight, and group interaction. Use of this strategy requires collaborative pre-planning between your organization and EDA to create an appropriate strategy for matching delivery method to employee groups throughout the organization or business unit.



The agenda will be customized by your designated consultant to meet your specific leadership and growth needs.

Decades of Differences ½-Day Agenda

Transitions and Change in the Workplace Overview

Understanding the Shifting Demographics

Understanding the Diverse Generations

Understanding Individual Communication Preferences

Flexing and Making it Work

Bringing it all together

Action Plan and Evaluations

Decades of Differences 1-Day Agenda

Transitions and Change in the Workplace Overview

Understanding the Shifting Demographics

Understanding the Diverse Generations

Flexing and Making it Work: Techniques for managing, communicating with, and leading each generation

Managing Generational Conflict

Building cohesive multi-generational teams

Building relationships, motivating and creating loyalty

Barriers to Success: Discussion of foreseeable barriers to inter-generational collaboration

Project Teams: Practice using new knowledge to solve real and current issues submitted by participants in breakout action teams

Bringing it all together

Action Plan and Evaluations


Participant Guides
& Materials

Golden Personality Type Profiler Report

Decades of Differences: Making it Work by Bonnie Hagemann & Kenneth Gronbach

PowerPoint & Handouts

Action Plan & Evaluations