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Franklinton Preparatory Academy sets students on new course toward college or career success

Franklinton Preparatory Academy sets students on new course toward college or career success. Franklinton Preparatory Academy opened its doors August 2013 putting low-performing students on a path toward success in school and a career. Through personalized education plans students take responsibility for their own learning, are given opportunities for internships and guidance toward jobs once they graduate.

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Personalized Learning Fuels Student Progress

In 2011, Onalaska Middle School sought to improve student outcomes by adopting WriteToLearn™, a fully automated online literacy tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension. The program’s personalized feedback empowered students, and seventh-grade writing scores on the Washington state exam jumped 23% in the first year.

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Virtual Degree Prepares Cancer Survivor for College and Career

Through dedication and hard work Tori Hornick has been able to break through many challenging health issues. With the help of Pearson's virtual school, Connections Academy, she was able to graduate from high school early and is on her way to fulfilling her dream of helping others who have experienced similar problems.

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Helping all students meet grade-level benchmarks

Spanish is the first language for approximately 85% of the students at John F. Kennedy Magnet School in Port Chester, New York. Principal Cuglietto and his staff have created a bilingual program that uses personalized learning tools like Pearson’s SuccessMaker to bridge the expected achievement gap and help all students reach grade-level objectives.

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Students Excel with New Digital Tools

At Peabody Learning Academy in Massachusetts, administrators at an unconventional high school utilized digital courses to keep at-risk students on course for college and career. Since the academy opened in 2010, the district drop-out rate has decreased from 7% to 1.9%.

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A Failing School Becomes One of the Best in the Nation

Using state school improvement funds, Kansas City's Boone Elementary chose enVisionMATH to help turn around student outcomes. In just three years, the school saw 30% gains in math proficiency across all students-and dramatically narrowed the achievement gap between black and white students.

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Digital Tools Lead to Scores Worth Celebrating

When she became principal of Central Elementary in Nampa, Idaho, Cindy Thomas fought to help teachers by bringing Waterford and SuccessMaker to their classrooms. Struggling young readers quickly embraced the interactive programs and the school has met adequate yearly progress for the past six years.

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Struggling Math Students Reach New Heights

After implementing the Common Core State Standards, Page Middle School saw the need to form math intervention classes. With the personalized instruction from SuccessMaker, students can revisit the specific areas where they are struggling and most have been able to gain more than 1.16 years’ worth of growth in one school year.

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Huntsville Puts 1:1 Learning into Action

Hunstville City Schools was at a crossroads—their curriculum needed a major revision, and a decision had to be made between new textbooks and a digital solution. Pearson stepped in with the 1:1 learning framework and a digital curriculum solution that helped put Huntsville students on the path to higher achievement through 21st century learning.


Innovation in Gwinnett County Public Schools

Gwinnett County Public Schools in Atlanta wanted to create a global education community and infuse technology into everyday applications. Pearson helped administrators integrate performance-based tasks and automated scoring to make the vision of Next-Generation learning and assessment a reality.


Kentucky Implements Educator Effectiveness

When the Kentucky Department of Education sought an educator effectiveness initiative, Pearson provided accessible resources and expert support to help them implement the tools and framework to measure effective teaching and leadership at the local level.


Common Core Strategies in Niagara Falls

Administrators at Niagara Falls High School realized the added rigor of the Common Core State Standards was the answer to improving their learning outcomes, but needed guidance. Pearson helped the school strategize implementation—from changing instruction to helping students develop critical thinking skills.