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Establishing an Evidence-based Validity Argument for Performance Assessment

Recent initiatives have proposed to use performance tasks in ambitious new ways, including monitoring student growth and evaluating teacher effectiveness.

Lai, Emily R., Wei, Hua, Hall, Erika L., Fulkerson, Dennis 09-01-2012
Overview of Student Growth Models

This paper provides an overview of student growth modeling and describes how states use student growth models in the federal accountability system.

O'Malley, Kimberly J., Ph.D., Murphy, Stephen, Ph.D., Larsen McClarty, Katie, Ph.D., Murphy, Daniel, Ph.D., McBride, Yuanyuan, Ph.D. 09-01-2011
Pearson's Text Complexity Measure

Pearson's Knowledge Technologies group has developed a new measure of text complexity that is fundamentally different from current readability measures.

Landauer, Thomas K. 05-02-2011
Pearson's Automated Scoring of Writing, Speaking, and Mathematics

This document describes several examples of current item types that Pearson has designed and fielded successfully with automatic scoring.

Streeter, Lynn, Bernstein, Jared, Foltz, Peter, DeLand, Donald 05-01-2011
Top Ten: Transitioning English Language Arts Assessment

This document is designed to identify the top ten considerations that states and consortia will need to address as they plan the transition of their ELA assessments.

Becker, Delise, Bay-Borelli, Michael, Brinkerhoff, Lee, Crain, Kellie, Davis, Laurie, Fuhrken, Charles, Hartmann, Tiffany, Larkin, Jay, O’Malley, Kimberly, Trevvett, Suzanne 05-01-2011
Considerations for Performance Scoring When Designing and Developing Next Generation Assessments

This white paper explores the interactions between test design and scoring approach, and the implications for performance scoring quality, cost, and efficiency in next generation assessments.

Jones, Marianne, Vickers, Daisy 03-01-2011
Considerations For Developing Test Specifications For Common Core Assessments

The purpose of this paper is to describe the role that test specifications play in supporting the development of valid and reliable large-scale summative academic achievement assessments.

Bay-Borelli, Michael, Rozunick, Christine, Way, Walter "Denny", Weisman, Eric 12-01-2010
Thoughts on an Assessment of Common Core Standards

ETS, Pearson, and the College Board have collaborated in this paper to raise key assessment design questions and discuss some ideas for a systematic high-level assessment design that satisfies many of the needs expressed by stakeholders.

Camara, Wayne, Lazer, Stephen, Mazzeo, John, Sweeney, Kevin, Twing, Jon, Way, Walter "Denny" 10-01-2010
Next-Generation Assessment Interoperability Standards

The intent of this document is to elevate awareness and understanding of the importance of assessment interoperability standards and to begin addressing the necessary evolution of these standards to support next-generation assessments.

Dolan, Bob, Strain-Seymour, Ellen, Deokar, Ashman, Ostler, Wayne 10-01-2010
Automated Scoring for the Assessment of Common Core Standards

This paper discusses automated scoring as a means for helping to achieve valid and efficient  measurement of abilities that are best measured by constructed-response (CR) items.

Williamson, David M., Bennett, Randy E., Lazer, Stephen, Bernstein, Jared, Foltz, Peter W., Landauer, Thomas K., Rubin, David P., Way, Walter D., Sweeney, Kevin 07-01-2010
Thoughts on Linking and Comparing Assessments of Common Core Standards

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the types of comparisons that can and cannot be made among students who take different assessments supposedly developed to measure a single set of standards.

Lazer, Stephen, Mazzeo, John, Way, Walter D., Twing, Jon S., Camara, Wayne, Sweeney, Kevin 05-01-2010
Designing and Operating a Common High School Assessment System

This paper attempts to lay out some of the important issues to be faced by states and consortia as they consider implementation of a high school assessment system within the current Race to the Top framework.

Camara, Wayne, Sweeney, Kevin, Twing, Jon S., Way, Walter D., Lazer, Stephen, Mazzeo, John 04-25-2010
Some Considerations Related to the Use of Adaptive Testing for the Common Core Assessments

In this paper ETS, Pearson, and the College Board discuss some important considerations related to the use of adaptive testing within a common core assessment system, particularly as used for summative purposes.

Camara, Wayne, Lazer, Stephen, Mazzeo, John, Sweeny, Kevin, Twing, Jon S., Way, Walter D. 02-01-2010
Recommendations Related to the Operational Implementation of Performance Assessments Within Ohio’s K-12 Assessment System

The purpose of this paper was to provide discussion and recommendations related to the operational implementation of performance assessments within Ohio’s assessment system.

Burling, Kelly Shasby, Dolan, Robert P., Frank, Jeri, Full, David, LaMarche, Wesley E., Nichols, Paul, Niyogi, Nivedita Shilpi, Rogahn, Kurt, Vickers, Daisy, Way, Walter “Denny”, Williams, Natasha J. 01-01-2010